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After seeing Jonathan Adler’s jet set coasters in Sweet Paul’s summer edition I just had to have them! Someone else sweet tracked them down for me online and they arrived today. Yipee. This one is my favourite.

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I made Nigella’s nutella cake recently. It held so much promise but was a big faff and not really that tasty. This cake was so much easier to make and a lot better taste-wise.
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new york

Some pics from my recent trip to New York. Mmm Eileen’s rockie road cheesecake!
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design museum


Lovely day spent by the river. Pork belly lunch from Roast to Go at Borough Market, the Wim Crouwel exhibition at the Design Museum and a walk around Tower Bridge.

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Possibly my favourite flower, even though some might call a weed. I love when cornflowers come into season. They always remind me of A Room with a View: “Miss Catharine, you have flowers in your hair!”
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